Month: December 2017

Amrutam`s year 2017 in Recap: How has this year been for you with Amrutam?

December 31, 2017

It is the last day of another year, another twelve months are coming to an end and this year has been very eventful for Amrutam Family. Amrutam is a herbal and ayurvedic products manufacturing company established a few years back and in these past years, we have grown with all our stakeholders as a family. […]

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How has Turmeric being used as a Medicinal Herb historically? Learn With Amrutam

December 30, 2017

The specialties of Turmeric have been popular since the days of Aryans. The Aryans used to worship the solar system and the sun, as sacred objects of the universe. They also used to worship Turmeric because they believed that Turmeric has certain special protective properties because of its golden yellow colour.

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Which Stage are you on in your life, according the ancient Ashrama System? Find out with Amrutam

December 29, 2017

In Amrutam`s previous, blog posts we have talked about Purusharthas- the four goals of life according to Hindu Philosophy. Similarly, there are four stages of Life as per Hindu Philosophy. These are known as the Ashramas. The word Ashrama literally means a place for resting or stopping by. If you are from India or have […]

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6 Amrutam Interesting Facts about Daksha Prajapati

December 28, 2017

It`s a Thursday! Welcome back to Amrutam`s learning day. On Thursdays, we learn about people associated with Ayurveda, Mythology, about Sages, Rishis, and Gods. So far we have learned about Charaka, Sushruta, Sage Kashyapa, Sage Bharadwaja and a few more.

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December 27, 2017

“I believe that for every illness or ailment known to man, that God has a plant out here that will heal it. We just need to keep discovering the properties for natural healing.” ― Vannoy Gentles Fite

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December 26, 2017

Does pain sneaks in your blanket during winters, along with you? Aching Muscles, Joint Pain, Lower back pain and sometimes it gets in your chest. When our bodies get cold, during winters the blood supply to our feet and hands is reduced. Our body then focuses on supplying blood to more essential organs like the […]

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December 25, 2017

Some days are difficult, are not they? You will get angry, you might have a deadline that evening and everything might seem to be running into a more chaotic scheme of things.

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Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs & Purusharthas

December 25, 2017

Despite the great divisions between the western and eastern ways of thinking, similarities between the two are amusingly peculiar. In one of our earlier blog posts, we talked about Purusharthas. Purusharthas are four goals of life or four aims, as mentioned in the great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. These four goals are Dharma, Artha, […]

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The Evil Eye- Myth or the Truth?

December 23, 2017

“Nazar lag jayegi” is a very common statement in the Indian Household. The nazar here, is the evil eye which is considered as a negative energy which could harm you. It is the gaze of an evil eye and henceforth, it is believed and considered important to keep yourself away from the gaze of the evil […]

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